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Extending Doordash

DoorDash Redesign .png


Title: UCSD Design Sprint (Doordash-inspired) 

Role: UX Researcher and Designer

Duration: 6 weeks

Team: Bella Liang, Hilya Khalil, Deyshna Pai, Shimika Basuroy


Although food delivery services proved popular prior to the start of the pandemic, food delivery apps such as DoorDash and UberEats gained further prominence during the pandemic by providing people with the means to “eat out” in a time that mandated everyone “stay in.” This in conjunction with the looming threat of climate change and the abundant waste created by single-use plastics inspired my team to focus on improving the ecological impact of DoorDash orders by providing consumers with easy ways to integrate eco-conscious choices into online ordering. 

How might we improve the sustainability of consumer choices made via food delivery app?


Our team designed GreenDash, a "filter feature," icon, and sustainability criteria system that helps users identify eco friendly restaurants and increase the intentionality with which they receive single-use plastics. 


Kapture 2022-05-24 at 12.39.26.gif


GreenDash filter feature allows customer to filter out restaurants based on verified sustainability criteria. 

Kapture 2022-05-24 at 12.51.26.gif


Click on "GreenDash" symbols and buttons to view GreenDash sustainability criteria. 

Kapture 2022-05-24 at 12.56.54.gif


Opt-in to receive single use plastics and condiments before checking out.


Our team utilized a mixed-methods approach, conducting secondary research, user interviews, and a survey to better understand our user's consumer choices. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-13 at 12.06.25 PM.png

Pictured above: user interview responses.

Research Insights:

  • Young adults are more likely to be active users of food delivery apps and services (Zion & ZionAxios)

  • DoorDash users choose to order food from the app when they are short on time or when it is inconvenient to go out

  • Most participants care about making environmentally-conscious choices but are unsure of how to do so; they would make eco-friendly decisions if given clear choices on how to do so

  • Survey respondents: napkins and utensils aren't always necessary to include with an order

User Flows

Flow 1: Built-In


Flow 2: GreenDash Filter


The "Built-In" UX flow features a tree symbol to indicate restaurants that satisfy DoorDash's eco-friendly criteria. We modeled this design choice after DoorDash conventions such as with the DashPass icon, which marks restaurants that qualify for DashPass benefits when ordered from. Users can also opt-in to receiving the single-use accessories they need prior to check out. 

We designed the "GreenDash" UX flow with DoorDash conventions as well; similar to the "Cuisine" filter featured on the home screen, we designed a GreenDash filter feature which allows users to sort for restaurants that fit certain sustainability categories such as vegan, vegetarian, and locally-sourced ingredients.  Users can also opt-in to receiving the single-use accessories they need prior to check out. 

Lofi Screens

We created Lo-fi prototypes based on our two flows and presented them to stakeholders for user testing. 

Flow 1: Built-In

Item Card.png
Home Page — Our homepage remains mostly unchanged from the original DoorDash UI. We added the "tree" and "info" symbols by restaurant names to signify and check the status of the  sustainability-verified restaurant. 
Restaurant — Our restaurant page features the "tree" and "i" symbols by the restaurant name. There is also an "Eco-Friendly" section to separate menu items that are determined to fit the sustainability criteria. 
Eco-friendly Criteria Pop up — Our eco-friendly criteria pop up notice appears upon pressing the "i" symbol. It lists the criteria the restaurant satisfies to qualify for eco-friendly status. 
Single-use accessories opt-in — Opt in to receiving extra condiments and single use accessories to mitigate unnecessary waste before check out. 

Flow 2: GreenDash

Check out.png
Home + GreenDash Popup.png
GreenDash Card.png
GreenDash pop up — Upon entering the app, "GreenDash's" intro pop-up greets the customer and explains what the "GreenDash" feature is. 
Home Page — Our homepage remains mostly unchanged from the original DoorDash UI. We added the "GreenDash" filter, which mimics the "Cuisine" filter but sorts for eco-friendly-verified restaurants. 
GreenDash Card - The GreenDash card appears when using the GreenDash filter. The user can sort for specific criteria using the filter's card.
Checkout Page — The Single-Use Accessories page was added to mitigate unnecessary plastic waste. Opt-in to receiving condiments, utensils, and napkins to order more mindfully. 

A/B Testing & Iteration:


  • Built-in:

    • Users liked seeing eco-friendly criteria via clicking on the GreenDash symbol
  • GreenDash:

    • users liked customizing their search via GreenDash filter feature​

Areas of Improvement:

  • Built-in:

    • The Tree Symbol's significance was unclear; confused for vegan/vegetarian

    • Wasn't always clear to users that clicking on the symbol is how to access sustainability criteria

  • GreenDash: 

    • GreenDash pop-up notice is easily clicked out of when users click fast —> illustrates the need for improved user control and freedom (Nielsen heuristic ​#3)


  • Adapt features from both

    • replace tree symbol with icon whose meaning will be more closely associated with "GreenDash"

    • Increase visibility of "GreenDash" branded features on home screen


Features 1-3 .png
Features 6-7.png


This design sprint was an exercise in rapid figma prototyping! Additionally, I’d like to mention that sustainability and eco-consciousness, two motives we should all start designing with in today’s climate, are much more nuanced than we were able to consider due to the time constraints of the sprint. If we had more time, we would have liked to partner with individuals from environmental science backgrounds when doing our research to further refine our “green criteria” and how it applies to individual restaurant items and ingredients. Additionally, I would like to add a “Thank You” note to the confirmation screens of orders customers place via greendash for their environmental consideration! 

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